The Science of People Workshops

The Future of Work is Human

The Science of People Workshops are designed to help address the significant challenge to connection & culture currently being experienced across industries and organisations on a global scale.

When the world was thrust into remote working arrangements back in 2020, many organisations were – rightly – quick to turn to technological tools and upskilling teams on how to use this technology to maintain and maximise productivity in the virtual workplace, but the interpersonal side of virtual collaboration has in many organisations remained overlooked. It’s as if these skills are assumed – perhaps because we’re human – but humans are complicated and for most of us the shift from a dominance of face-to-face interaction to days dominated by virtual meetings, and the significant loss of connection can have a massive impact.

Connection and culture are critical to peak performance and well-being levels within an organisation – they can be the difference between surviving or thriving.

Unfortunately, when relationships aren’t genuinely working – not much else does either (regardless of how much you’ve spent on the latest technological tools) …and definitely not the collaboration, innovation, and growth that organisations require to thrive in our rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain world.

Whether your teams are working in person, collaborating virtually, or combining both methods in a hybrid workforce, genuine connections and strong interpersonal skills form the basis of your culture and act as your organisation’s operating system.

When you improve the way people relate to each other, and even better, help them to reflect and better understand their own behaviours on a day-to-day basis, you can remove unnecessary friction, maximise both performance and productivity levels, improve communication and relationships, and facilitate growth and innovation through genuine collaboration.

For remote and hybrid teams to be effective in the new world of work – long term – organisations need to tackle virtual collaboration from both a technology perspective AND a people perspective and they need to genuinely invest in upskilling their people in both.

Connection and culture are critical to peak performance, innovation and wellbeing levels within an organisation – they can be the difference between surviving or thriving.

Workshop Outcomes

Through the Science of People Workshops, participants will have the opportunity to develop:

  • a deeper awareness of self, including practical knowledge and tools to power their own peak performance and wellbeing whilst working from anywhere
  • a deeper understanding of neurobiology and psychological needs fundamental to all humans that help us tap into peak performance states more consistently – including an awareness of the unique traits of their fellow participants helping to strengthen relationships & facilitate peak performance and improved productivity as a team (or leadership group)
  • deeper connections with those they work closely, facilitating increased engagement, clearer purpose, and improved collaboration, and creativity
  • the knowledge and skills to transform cultures, through their own simple but powerful actions & application of evidence-based tools – helping individuals, teams, & organisations to create positive cultures and thrive in a hybrid workplace

Strong cultures possess high levels of collective self awareness. That is, everyone in the group shares an understanding of the others’ strengths, traits & tendencies, which in turn helps drive both individual and group performance. 

Our Science of People Workshops help to generate this clarity & collective awareness in a fun social setting and an engaging way. The workshops bring often unconscious drivers of human behaviour to conscious awareness, so that teams or groups can better navigate, collaborate & grow together.

The Science of People Workshops have been hands down the BEST investment in our people we’ve made since starting our company. Not only were they fun and engaging, they were immensely practical. Participants genuinely walked away with tools and information that we are already applying to improve connection and maximise performance at all levels of our organisation. Our leaders have a whole new framework to help their teams (and themselves) thrive in our new hybrid workplace.

C Smith – Director, Cashpoint

Workshop Elements

Workshops can be held over a long lunch, breakfast, morning or afternoon tea or even some twilight drinks. The key is to include an enjoyable social element to them. We are a social species so social connection helps to trigger positive hormones and neurochemicals that not only make us feel good and bond better, they also positively impact our brain helping to enhance learning outcomes too. 

The Chatham House Rule (used around the world to encourage inclusive and open dialogue in meetings by allowing participants to share information received but not disclose the identity of who said it) is applied to all sessions helping to create a trusted environment in which to understand and resolve complex problems.

Modules can be run as a series of individual workshops (eg as a Breakfast series or Lunch series) or combined over a 2 day intensive Workshop. They are also ideal as stand alone inclusions in in-person team or leadership retreats to generate shared understandings, deepen relationships and improve connection and collaboration.

These modules are designed to be run as face-to-face workshops.

Foundation Modules include:

Foundation Session – Introduces neuroscience & psychology principles relevant to all modules
Our lighthouse for decision-making and productivity
Benefiting from Biorhythms to access peak performance
Knowing & Using our Strengths to Feel Better & Do Better
The Big 5 Five Personality Traits model – a continuum NOT a type
Meaning Matters – Experiential Workshop
Brain-Based Model for Collaboration & Influence in a Virtual World

Further modules that can be offered as additional workshops or much shorter information sessions include:

  • The Neuroscience of Change – the Brain’s response to stress
  • Feeling Overwhelmed – Multi-tasking isn’t the answer
  • The Stress Cycle – Why we need to close it out and simple ways to do it
  • Just Breathe – Understanding the power of your breath
  • Sleep Matters – Why and how to improve your sleep
  • The Power of Gratitude to Rewire your Brain
  • Positive Emotions – Fuel for an emotionally intelligent brain
  • Gym Memberships…for your Brain – the Power of Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Fueling Flow – Embedding practices and creating environments to trigger your peak performance state (multiple-module topic)

These sessions can be run as face-to-face or virtual workshops and the selected duration and format will determine the depth of content and level of interactivity of these modules.

Evidence-based Workshops that build Connection and Culture

The engaging and experiential Science of People Workshops, bring teams together to not only connect socially but to form deeper and more meaningful connections by building an understanding of psychological and neurobiological drivers that science has found massively impact both peak performance and wellbeing.  

Participants learn not just about their own unique drivers but also those of the people they work closely with.

Empowering people with this information is key to creating increased opportunities for genuine connection, collaboration and positive cultures in hybrid and remote workplaces.

The past two decades of neuroscience and psychology-based research have seen an abundance of evidence-based practices and tools emerge that help organisations and leaders build cultures of trust, purpose, engagement, collaboration, innovation, and growth. Investment in this space results in thriving workers & teams and ultimately thriving organisations. Our Science of People Workshops simplify this science, translating it into actionable information and simple & practical tools designed to empower individuals to improve connection and transform cultures one (inter)action at a time.

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