Tools to thrive

Our Tools to Thrive empower individuals and organisations to proactively instead of reactively manage psychological health and wellbeing.
We draw on advances in neuroscience and positive psychology to provide simple evidence-based tools that improve engagement, performance, leadership and fulfillment in modern workplaces and life. Our primary focus at Relativity4 is building bespoke, F2F programs for clients so if you don’t see an ‘off the shelf’ digital tool to suit your needs here – go to our Flow page or our Bespoke Programs page to see the content options and contact us to talk about designing a session or program to address your specific needs today.


An important part of our mission is to contribute to a pendulum shift ensuring more and more people are eager and able to learn about the workings of their own physiology from the brain down, not because they have something to fix but because they simply want to live their best life and to show up as the best version of themselves. Through all our tools and services, you will learn how to integrate into your life information and practices that science has shown can move humans from surviving to thriving.

We all have a brain, heart, mind and body - when we understand how to optimise the tools we already possess - we can optimise our life and the lives of those around us.