Positive Psychology Toolkit

Positive Psychology is a broad field and involves a wide range of topics – and a growing body of research is proving that knowledge and application of it is key to harnessing our human potential to thrive.

To empower more people to apply positive psychology practices in their lives, we need to make the knowledge and simple practical techniques more readily accessible in our schools, workplaces and communities. 

So many organisations appreciate and use the concept of rubbish in – rubbish out to justify significant investment of time and money into organizational infrastructure, IT systems, marketing design and products etc yet when it comes to their people, arguably the most important part of their business, they forget the significance and impact of the rubbish in rubbish out concept.

We need to put the good stuff in to our people if we expect to sustainably receive good stuff out. Rolling out the same old tired development or performance management, well-being and leadership programs that are not sufficiently aligned with the modern workplace or life in the 21st Century, (including the latest discoveries about our human biology), is rubbish in. Organisations cannot expect long term success without a serious investment in developing the minds and the brains of their people.

Ever considered a PUPP Program for your school or workplace? (Pop Up Positive Psychology). This involves bite sized pieces of information, designed to raise awareness and provide simple actions or practices to get people started on the journey. A Positive Psychology Toolkit or PUPP Program provides enough information to introduce key areas and a useful overview plus some key practices to take away and implement.

Short in duration but not short on impact, PP Toolkit and PUPP sessions will enable attendees to apply positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience in their work and life, knowing that it is informed by research and best practice. They will gain the knowledge and skills to help increase individual, business and collective wellbeing as well as receive practical tools that they can easily apply, every day, to every aspect of their lives to make a significant and positive difference.

Our PUPP Programs or Positive Psychology Toolkits are popular and effective in a range of organisations and settings and are a great appetiser to the deeper dive programs and workshops you might be thinking about investing in and implementing. The sessions are short and sweet but make a
significant contribution to the health and well-being of your organisation and the individuals within it through their engaging content and consistency of application.

Want to develop you very own Positive Psychology Toolkit or PUPP Program for your organisation?