The modern workplace and life demand creativity and innovation. We’re asked to operate at our peak more often and for longer than ever before. At the same time,  environments are more volatile and unpredictable than ever. The rate of change is rapid and the degree of uncertainty unprecedented.

Unfortunately, few of us are taught the true (and simple) keys to sustainable peak performance that we can apply to all areas of work and life.  So we push ourselves (and others) to succeed rather than harnessing human biology,  and often end up burnt out or in states of chronic stress and overwhelm. Both performance and wellbeing are affected.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming. What we’re really talking about when talking about driving performance is getting our biology to work for us, rather than against us.


The Power of Flow

Advances in neuroimaging technology over recent decades have allowed scientists to better see what happens to our brain in Flow and, significantly, what we can do to increase our access to this powerful state.

Flow is a peak state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best. In Flow, we’re so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. Through a state known as hypo-frontality, parts of our brain actually deactivate and hours feel like minutes, action and awareness merge, our inner critic vanishes and performance, both physical and mental, goes through the roof. It’s an efficiency exchange – the brain is trading energy it needs for heightened attention and awareness, and it’s shutting down non-critical structures used for other higher cognitive functions.

For most people though, Flow happens by accident. We’ve all experienced it but most people don’t know how to recreate it or how to get more of it. We currently stumble in and out of Flow…and some rarely access it at all.  Sadly, most working environments in the 21st century are not conducive to Flow…in fact, some common processes and environments are actually blocking people’s access to Flow and all the performance and creativity enhancing benefits science has proven it provides.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you understand the stages of the Flow cycle and the critical steps so many of us get wrong, you’ll begin experiencing more and more Flow in ALL aspects of your work and life.

Watch our short video to find out more about the power of Flow.


How to Create Flow

We’re physiologically wired for Flow. Flow is a transformation available to anyone, anywhere, provided certain conditions are met. Sadly though, so many of our basic habits and work processes make accessing this peak state difficult – and for some – impossible. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Leaders and teams simply need to be given a manual to use the tools they already have available to them, to help foster individual and group Flow. That is, by understanding and optimising our own neurobiology we can access Flow with greater ease and consistency, resulting in massive boosts in performance, creativity, learning, success and satisfaction.

That’s why we’ve created the PEAK + PREHAB Program.

Everything included in this course is science based…. this is neuroscience and psychology-based peak performance training for all of us struggling with the distraction, uncertainty and overwhelm in modern workplaces and life.




If you're searching for 

a scientific and satisfying way to balance your professional goals and demands with the rest of your life

● a way to massively boost your performance, creativity and wellbeing, to tap into SUSTAINABLE peak performance in all areas of your work and life

● powerful tools to improve the engagement, productivity and performance of entire teams in these uncertain and difficult times

then our flagship PEAK + PREHAB Program is for you.

The PEAK + PREHAB Program will totally revamp your approach to work and life. It will provide you with actionable information, tools and techniques that can help you to increase your and your team’s productivity by up to 500%, creativity by up to 430%, speed up skill acquisition by up to 490% and help you maintain this creativity, productivity and increased wellbeing for days.

Sound too good to be true… it’s not if you know how to access Flow.

Flow is a transformation available to anyone, anywhere, provided certain conditions are met.

At the conclusion of this program, you’ll know what those conditions are and you'll walk away with actionable steps and tools to apply to every area of your life to embed these conditions and tap into Flow with increased consistency and ease. 


Program Details

The Program can be run over two full days (consecutively or over 2 separate weeks) or as a 4 or 8 week program of shorter sessions.


$2,300 (plus GST)  for the two-day PEAK + PREHAB program (ideal for individuals looking for professional development opportunities outside what their organisation currently offers).
Minimum and maximum attendee numbers apply.

Reserve your place

To discuss introducing PEAK + PREHAB into your organisation’s current Leadership or other people and talent development initiatives over a 4 or 8 week period please contact us at:




At the end of Day One you'll have the knowledge and skills that lay the foundation for both increased individual Flow and group Flow. 

You'll learn how to befriend your brains, because, at the heart of it, that’s what performance is. Learning more about our brain and what it needs to function optimally is key to optimising our performance and wellbeing in every aspect of our lives. It's why we start with some brain basics because many of us know more about what our cars and electronic devices need to perform at their peak (and to keep them ‘healthy’) than we do our own brains. Yet, it is our brain that controls everything - every single thought, emotion and action!

You'll learn about a simple trick to overcome your human negativity bias and how to rewire your nervous system with greater resilience and resourcefulness. We'll show you how to steer yourself out of the past or future and into what flow researchers call the deep now (which is critical for Flow) and how your mindset directly affects your ability to recover from setbacks or adversity and much much more!


PEAK + PREHAB is a Practical Program

You'll learn to apply neurobiology and psychology to access PEAK states more frequently and set foundations that act as a kind of PREHAB for life in the 21st century - an era filled with constant distraction, rapid change and increasing uncertainty.

You'll build your ability to shift your state into Flow so that you can let all those core skills you’ve worked tirelessly to develop over the years, propel your success, instead of you having to push (and potentially burnout or live in a state of chronic stress). This is what’s going to be the difference between surviving and thriving in the 21st century. Training states is also becoming increasingly important because as technology accelerates, the diversity of skills we need to be able to be good at something is constantly expanding too, and Flow boosts learning.


Why is Flow so important?

The degree to which you are in a high state (eg Flow) or low (eg anxiety or depression) state of consciousness affects much more than our mood. It affects how susceptible we are to persuasion, how clear our judgment and decision-making is, how much detail we can recall, the speed of our learning and the quality of our creativity and performance.

Being able to alter our levels of consciousness is at the heart of how effectively we learn, decide, remember, innovate, communicate and many other vital processes for life.

Getting the fundamental underlying physiological piece right is vital. Many workplace effectiveness programs skip over this, but the ability to drive yourself into a state that facilitates Flow is vital. The scientific evidence is overwhelming: what we’re really talking about when talking about driving performance is getting our biology to work for us, rather than against us. PEAK + PREHAB is designed to help you do this.

In the final part of Day One, we’ll help you to better understand how to use the tools you already have available to you (your brain and body) when we cover aspects of your physiology and tools and techniques that can help to fuel more Flow (and other PEAK states) in your life. You'll practice the same respiratory control techniques that the Navy SEALs use to condition their bodies against the fight/flight response and get into flow faster.


Day Two PEAK

On Day Two, you'll build on the foundational information for embeding psychological, physiological and group Flow triggers you learned on Day One and emerge with a full understanding of how these practices fuel Flow as we go deeper into the science of Flow and the Environmental Triggers that increase it. Crucially, you'll learn about the four stages of the Flow cycle, how to remove or avoid blocks to Flow and how to embed triggers that will help you create and maintain this peak state with increased ease and consistency in your life and organisations. You'll learn what your personal Flow profile and Chronotype is so that you know when, where and how YOU most easily get into Flow so that you can embed the most powerful practical steps and conditions, ones that will work best for you or your specific team members.

We'll help you understand the neuroelectrical, neurochemical and neuroanatomical changes that occur in your brain during Flow, in a way that is simple and practical and we'll provide you with actionable steps that you will begin to apply to boost Flow in your everyday.


The Fundamentals of Flow

Designed for leaders and anyone looking to drive powerful change in their life and the lives of those around them, PEAK + PREHAB is a neuroscience-based peak performance training for all of us struggling with the distraction, uncertainty and overwhelm in modern workplaces and life.

The Flow fundamentals covered on Day Two will help you understand how the powerful psychology and physiological practices and models covered on Day One, when embeded into your routines and your environments, help you to foster and fuel individual and group Flow in your workplace and life.


Flow & Wellbeing (PREHAB for the 21st century)

Wellbeing is a critical issue in the current climate of stress, increased uncertainty and limited social connection. PEAK + PREHAB takes participants through evidence-based practices that are not only foundational for Flow but have been shown through Positive Psychology research over the past 30 years, to boost and protect psychological wellbeing too.

BONUS: On completion of the PEAK + PREHAB Program, attendees will unlock access to a reduced rate on an evidence based Positive Psychology Toolkit for them to take away and implement immediately with their teams to start setting the foundations for Flow. Great for leaders looking for an easy way to begin implementing what they have learned to start setting the foundations for Flow in their teams. The toolkit includes all recordings, resources and activity sheets for 24 science-based micro-modules designed to build connection, engagement, resilience and communication, and to make wellbeing a BAU item in your workplace. 


Who is the program for?

Anyone looking for ways to get more done in less time and with improved quality and increased wellbeing in the process.

Leaders looking to increase engagement, performance, creativity and wellbeing in their own career and life, and who want tools they can take away to achieve the same within their teams and organisation.

HR professionals looking to redefine Leadership capabilities for the 21st century and provide the leaders in their organisation with the knowledge and practical tools essential to counteract the global impact on productivity, performance and wellbeing resulting from the unprecedented events of 2020.

Business owners, trainers and HR professionals wanting to incorporate Flow training and simple tools and techniques that facilitate increased access to Flow and other peak states, into their existing leadership and people development programs and initiatives.

Parents and partners wanting to strengthen relationships and looking for practical ways to boost and protect psychological wellbeing and skyrocket performance in all areas of life.

Anyone who is tired of binging on Netflix or craving a holiday to escape the realities of life, and instead are ready to learn how to better use the tools they already have to enrich their life instead of escape it.

Anyone who is ‘Zoom saturated’ and craving quality face to face training again – after almost a year of online meetings and training... we’re so excited to be getting back in a room together (albeit appropriately distanced!) to share the irreplaceable energy that comes when we connect in person.


Who is the program not for?

Anyone located outside of Sydney (at this point in time) – unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, this program is currently limited to Sydney participants. However, we hope to be able to offer PEAK + PREHAB in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in 2022 (email us at programs@relativity4.com.au to register your interest in joining in any of these locations).

Anyone not open to new ways of thinking or being. Overturning a lot of conventional wisdom about high performance and wellbeing is at the core of this program – so an open mind and a willingness to challenge what we think we know – about ourselves, about each other, and about what is possible – is essential.

Anyone not committed to putting into action the tools they take away from the program, beyond the 2 days of face to face learning. Like any program, what you get out of it will be determined by what you put in. While the information and practices you’ll learn in this course have been made simple and practical, getting the most out of this program will require courage, commitment and discipline beyond our 2 days together to embed the new practices and habits in your life and workplace

If you would like to discuss whether this course is right for you, or would like to explore bringing the program, or components of it, directly to your organisation or existing leadership or wellbeing initiatives, please contact the lead facilitator directly at tanya@relativity4.com.au.