Meaning & Valued Living

People find more meaning, fulfilment, and purpose in daily life and work.

The Meaning & Valued Living Masterclass introduces a science-based method for understanding and applying the complex research on meaning and value in positive psychology and covers the essential skills that organisations and leaders need to develop to effectively help people find more meaning, fulfilment, and purpose in daily life and work. 

The modules

  • bring clarity to the topic of meaning and provides you with hands-on tools to assess and increase meaning in life; and
  • address the topic of values with a focus on helping people discover what is important to them and how to live in alignment with
    their values.

You will learn how to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being and meaningful work and understand the direct connection to your business’ bottom line. This knowledge can be a magnet for attracting top talent and ensuring a positive culture and workplace.

The knowledge participants receive in the Meaning & Value course leads to significant increases in not only workplace well-being, but is equally relevant and applicable across all areas of life.

We can deliver as a stand-alone Masterclass Program for teams or groups or you can select elements of this Program and combine with other content areas to create bespoke programs or workshops for your team or organisation.

Want to learn more about how application of meaning and value practices can significantly impact our health, wellbeing (and our bottom line) in the workplace and life?