Module 1: Core Values

Our lighthouse for decision-making and productivity
Our values influence everything we do – from our behaviours and motivation levels to our decision-making ability & choices. When we know our own unique values we can enhance and improve performance and satisfaction in all aspects of work and life.

Our core values can be described as the guiding principles by which we govern our lives.

Research has shown that if you continuously compromise your values in your decision-making, the detriments to your motivation (productivity) & wellbeing are undeniable. Recognizing, understanding, and staying loyal to your values (where possible) is, therefore, one of the most important efforts any human being can take, and is equally as important when it comes to the workplace.

Just as thoughtful, well-implemented organisational values can serve as the foundation for a positive, high-performance culture, it’s worth taking the time to develop a mutual understanding of the values of those with whom we work closely to create the foundation for connected, high- performing teams.

Understanding that others can have different values from your own, that guide their behaviour is the crux of better understanding and building genuine connection with others. When we know each other’s core values, it can help us to understand & even predict each other’s choices, and behaviours,
avoiding or minimising misunderstandings, frustration, conflict & distrust.

In our Core Values Workshop, participants identify their own values and reflect on the significant influence core values play in our lives, both as a lighthouse guiding our choices, decisions and behaviours, and the correlation with satisfaction, motivation and resilience levels.

We have found in our consulting and leadership development work over the years that identifying core values and understanding the significant role they play in our lives (both personal and professional) is the most powerful tool to enhance intrinsic motivation and create major shifts in behaviour.