Realising Resilience

Why Teach Resilience?

Resilience training can improve personal resilience, develop mental health, increase subjective well-being, enhance psychosocial functioning and improve performance”
Robertson, Cooper Sarkar and Curran (2015) Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology

Adversity doesn’t discriminate. If you are alive, you are going to have to deal with some tough times.

If you are passionate about providing knowledge and practices to empower your people to deal with life’s inevitable challenges in a more resilient way, the Realising Resilience Program is for you. We can deliver as a stand-alone Masterclass Program for teams or classes or you can select elements of this Program and combine with other content areas to create bespoke programs or workshops for your team or organisation.

The Program is science based (all elements are backed up by research and references) but simplified to explain the 6 key pillars of resilience and provide practical application to help implementation. It also covers the four key elements (attention, thoughts, action and motivation) that we should focus on when we want to help people become more resilient.

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