i4 Neuroleader
Brain Based Leadership Development & Coaching

We provide certified i4 Neuroleader practitioners to facilitate leadership coaching and development programs built on the i4 Neuroleader framework and tools – a brain-based leadership development & wellbeing model created by Silvia Damiano and the team at About My Brain Institute. We also offer certified i4 Master Trainers who are available to train your organisations’ L&D Team to facilitate your leadership development program internally if that is a better cultural or financial fit for your organisation.

The i4 model applies the latest scientific research of brain and body processes to develop the human behind the leader, resulting in real and sustainable evolution. The i4 Neuroleader Program offers engaging leadership development grounded in neuroscience and accredited by the ICF.

Existing leadership models were conceptualised to fit in the industrial or information or knowledge era, where the command and control style of leadership was the most prevalent. This style is slowly being displaced because of the needs of a workforce that is more flexible, diverse and global. We’re moving out of the information age where leadership imperatives were to tightly and efficiently manage people and achieve goals and objectives for simply the lowest cost. We’re moving into the imagination era, where the new leadership imperative is to engage people, to inspire, to read the times, to move fast and to sustain long-term value. The imagination era sits within the global context of a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Innovation alone within the context of a VUCA world isn’t enough. To survive, and more significantly to thrive, a VUCA world calls for agility and collaboration and performance as well as innovation. The i4Neuroleader model focuses on these 4 competencies essential in our rapidly changing world.

The i4 model & methodology offers an engaging leadership development program that can be offered at any level of an organisation, whether you are investing in your current leaders, growing future leaders, or creating a thriving organisational culture enabling people to perform, collaborate, innovate and navigate work, life and leadership in all its form with agility.

The i4 model is a new leadership model and a new leadership philosophy. Great leaders are everywhere, not just in the executive suite. The i4 model democratises leadership by eliminating bias – gender, racial and generational because the skills of the model transcend those things. The i4 model is a model based on brain function that takes traits, characteristics, behaviours and abilities from both the left and right side of the brain and integrates them into a seamless whole. This is a personal leadership model and many participants suggest it a well-being and effectiveness model too.

Everyone operates in a leadership capacity at some point in their work or life so providing the information and tools to help people develop or refine their leadership abilities is an essential aspect of maximising human potential for any organisation. Improving leadership at the top is essential for all organisations in creating a positive ripple effect but developing leadership at all levels is vital to creating a positive and thriving culture and sustainable future.

Want to learn more about the i4 Neuroleader model and methodology and how we can bring it to your organisation to help develop current and future leaders, and, create a culture that ensures your organisation thrives in the rapidly changing imagination age?

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