Emotional Intelligence

Everyone can benefit from learning more about emotional intelligence. It is a core part of the foundation of who we are and the quality of our relationships. Whether you’re a CEO or teacher wanting to lead more effectively or a parent who wants to get on better with your children, improving your knowledge and application of simple techniques to improve your emotional intelligence is a key ingredient to a flourishing life.

In our fast paced world of competitive and rapidly changing workplaces and roles, turbulent
economic conditions and outdated education systems and leadership models, we are all
looking for effective tools and practices that can help us manage, adapt and stay ahead… whilst looking after our health and wellbeing in the process. Emotional Intelligence (commonly referred to as either EI or EQ) is critical to achieving this, but knowing what it is and how to actually improve and apply it in your life are two very different things.

Our modules are designed to synthesise the science and provide information and simple practices essential to understanding emotions, and vital in developing the abilities that make up emotional intelligence:

  • Perceiving Emotions – the ability to recognise emotions in yourself, in others and in your
  • Using Emotions  – the ability to generate emotions, and use them to enhance reasoning
    and other cognitive tasks
  • Understanding Emotions – the ability to understand the complexity of emotions and the
    cause of emotions
  • Managing Emotions – the ability to manage emotions in yourself and others. Managing
    emotions is about having a range of strategies to draw on in order to react and respond effectively, particularly in interpersonal interactions and decision making.

We can deliver as a stand-alone Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program for teams or groups or you can select elements of our Emotional Intelligence training and combine with other content areas to create bespoke programs or workshops for your organisation.

Want to learn more about how to unlock the power of emotions and improve emotional intelligence in your self of your organisation?

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