Module 2: Chronotypes

Benefiting from Biorhythms to access peak performance
If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Do your hardest work first” – ignore it – this advice is misguided. The better suggestion is that you do your hardest work during your chronotype peak.

Your chronotype refers to your “your body clock” or circadium rythym – the natural 24-hour sleep-wake cycle we all experience. However, whilst we’re all under the influence of circadian rhythms, everyone has a unique Chronotype and it influences the peaks and troughs of energy we feel throughout our days.

Paying attention to your chronotype and structuring your tasks around your energy peaks can help you get a lot more done in less time and can improve the quality of the output and levels of success in achieving a particular goal too.

Given the massive global shift towards remote and hybrid work, the time in which we work is becoming more flexible which presents an ideal opportunity to benefit from this biorythym. Making good decisions on your work-life schedule, can ensure that you are maximizing your productivity by leveraging your natural sleep-wake cycle and correspoending energy levels throughout your day.

It’s also important for team members to understand the ebb and flow of energy trends for each of the chronotypes so they can be respectful of team members with different chronotypes, faciliating increased individual performance and team collaboration.

If we really want to encourage maximum productivity, we need to help people to discover and embrace their chronotype, and proactively create systems that optimize their energy throughout their day. Our Chronotypes Workshop gives participants an opportunity to identify and reflect on their own unique chronotype, and to then build awareness of the chronotypes at play among their colleagues/team members and how their current practices may be helping or hindering their performance and productivity at both the individual and team level.