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Science-based programs and tools to develop human centred leaders and optimise performance, resilience & connection  

Cultures of Connection & Sustainable Peak Performance

Cultures of Connection & Peak Performance

Relativity4 applies evidence based frameworks & tools built on neuroscience and positive psychology to create genuine cultures of connection at the both the team and organisational level, fuelling the collaboration, performance, innovation & agility essential to thriving in workplaces and life in the 21st century.   

We partner with organisations to provide science-based solutions that help individuals both protect and power their own performance, productivity & wellbeing, from anywhere, and irrespective of situation or circumstance.

We create high performing team cultures & leadership groups by raising the awareness and application of the neurobiology and psychology of optimised human potential, empowering a proactive rather than reactive approach to build resilience, performance, and collaboration in the workplace.

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The Science Of People Workshops Evidence-Based Workshops that bring unconscious drivers of human behaviour to conscious awareness

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The Science Of People Workshops

Evidence-Based Workshops that bring unconscious drivers of human behaviour to conscious awareness

Advances in science over recent decades has helped us to understand more clearly than ever before what drives us as humans, what helps us to thrive irrespective of situation or circumstance. 

Fundamental human needs that research has found are universal, across countries, continents, and cultures, but which are nuanced in the way they play out in each of us.

When we discover, respect & protect our key drivers, we open up opportunities to live and work more authentically – we feel better and we perform better.

When we take the time to learn more about what drives those around us, in both our personal and professional lives, we open up opportunities for them to live and work more authentically too – and high performing teams and positive cultures are born.

Learn more about our Science of People Workshops to elevate individual and team performance and connection in your organisation.

Brain Based Leadership Development

Skills and Practices that build Inspirational, Inclusive & Innovative Leaders

We provide certified i4 Neuroleader practitioners to facilitate leadership coaching & development programs built on the i4 Neuroleader framework.

A brain-based leadership development & wellbeing model created by Silvia Damiano and the team at About My Brain Institute, the i4 Neuroleader model applies the latest scientific research of brain and body processes to develop the human behind the leader. Participants receive access to the i4 Neuroleader Platform – a fully resourced and scalable eLearning space that includes a neurobiology based 360o feedback assessment tool to guide them on their leadership journey.

The i4 Neuroleader Program offers engaging leadership development grounded in neuroscience and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Help your leaders to fit their own oxygen masks as they navigate remote and hybrid workplaces and learn the skills essential to both self-leadership and leading thriving teams in the modern workplace.

Bespoke Programs Tailored Solutions that address YOUR Particular Pain Points and serve your Specific Goals
Peak Prehab Program
A Science of FLOW Series that sets the foundations & triggers for increased access to this peak state – boosting performance, productivity & creativity

Flow is a peak state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best. In the FLOW state, we’re so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. Through a state known as hypo-frontality, parts of our brain actually deactivate and hours feel like minutes, action and awareness merge, our inner critic vanishes and performance, both physical and mental, goes through the roof. It’s an efficiency exchange – the brain is trading energy it needs for heightened attention and awareness, and it’s shutting down non-critical structures used for other higher cognitive functions. 

For most people though, flow happens by accident. We’ve all experienced it, but most people don’t know how to recreate it or how to set the foundations and use the triggers science has discovered help us to get more of it. We currently stumble in and out of flow – and some rarely access this peak performance state at all. Sadly, most working environments in the 21st century are not conducive to flow. Many common processes and workplace environments are actually blocking people’s access to this peak performance state and all the productivity and creativity enhancing benefits science has proven it provides.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you understand the foundations for flow, the triggers and the stages of flow (and the critical steps so many of us get wrong), you’ll begin experiencing more and more flow in all aspects of your work and life.

Bespoke Programs

Tailored Solutions that address YOUR Particular Pain Points and serve your Specific Goals

There exists common ground in the challenges faced by every individual and organisation in this fast paced, increasingly connected yet disconnected world, yet we know that individuals and organisation also have their own unique structures, needs and goals. 

At Relativity4 we synthesise and simplify the science and research in positive psychology and neurobiology to design and deliver practical people initiatives that not only address the common experiences and challenges of living and working in the 21st Century but we create solutions that are tailored to you.

All organisations can, and need to, make positive choices to create cultures and opportunities for individuals to thrive.

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