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Everything we need to be better leaders, managers, co-workers, family members, friends, spouses, partners and parents is already within us. Everyone has a brain, body, heart and mind, but so few of us are sufficiently empowered to optimise them. Our mission is to help you simplify the science to help the people and organisations you care about, thrive.

Relativity4 is a consulting and specialist training company dedicated to helping individuals and organisations achieve sustainable peak performance and wellbeing through applied psychology and neurobiology.
We draw on advances in neuroscience and positive psychology to create a range of evidence based programs and simple tools and techniques specifically designed to improve engagement, performance, leadership and fulfilment in modern workplaces and life

We partner with organisations to create and provide bespoke programs, workshops, keynote talks, coaching & consultancy services to raise awareness and understanding of the neuroscience and other aspects of human biology and psychology linked to optimised human potential. Through practical application of the science, we help empower individuals and organisations to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to health, wellbeing and sustainable peak performance.

All organisations can, and need to, make positive choices to create cultures and opportunities for individuals to thrive in the 21st Century. Afterall, organisations are made up of individuals so thriving individuals are key to a thriving organisation. We provide practical and powerful programs and tools to help you create cultures and people that thrive in the reality that is the 21st Century.

What is Positive Psychology and how can it help?

The question “what is wrong with people” and “how can we fix it” has guided the thinking of many researchers and dominated countless scientific studies during the 20th century. This is an important question in the field of psychology and attempts to answer it have thankfully resulted in an understanding of many illnesses and the development of effective treatments for a wide range of problems. However, as an inevitable consequence of the focus on the negative aspects of well-being and health, such as anxiety, depression, distress and disease, the field of psychology developed an almost exclusive attention to pathology.

As the 21st century unfolds, a different question is being increasingly asked: “What is right about people? How do we help humans to thrive?” This question is at the heart of positive psychology, which is the scientific and applied approach to uncovering people’s strengths and promoting their positive functioning. Positive Psychology works alongside, not separate to, the understanding and interventions developed to treat the negative aspects of well-being and health, such as anxiety, depression, distress and disease.

Positive Psychology is not about being happy all the time. All our emotions can serve us in healthy ways at different points in our life - life is a roller coaster of twists and turns, ups and downs and constant change.

Our goal in applying positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience is to empower individuals and organisations to navigate the inevitable change we all experience in life.

Our work helps those who are happy enough, or surviving okay, to make positive choices to move from surviving to thriving, but also provides the necessary knowledge and tools to help when we hit the tough times, which we all inevitably do, to not fall as far or stay for as long in the negative experiences or emotions that result from the difficult times that are an unavoidable part of this ultimate ride we call life.


Our Approach

First, we listen...we really listen.

We know that to deliver truly bespoke services, that address your organisation’s needs as well as genuinely engage your participants, listening is vital.

You may be quite advanced in identifying the change you would like to see and have all the statistics required to support the investment, strategy and need for change... but listening to understand the needs and circumstances of the individuals you are trying to change is a vital piece of the implementation strategy.

Organisations are made up of individuals - unless you genuinely change the individuals in your organisation, you will not achieve genuine and sustainable organisational change.

That’s why once we’ve listened, we work with you to decide which of our products will be the best fit for you, and tailor them where necessary to ensure we are addressing the particular needs of your organisation and your people, resulting in engaging programs that deliver meaningful and sustainable change.

Perhaps you’re not motivated by a need to effect change in your organisation but simply looking for a way to give back to your people in a meaningful and impactful way. #Dreamleader#Dreamorganisation The great news is that in giving back to your people through positive psychology knowledge, tools and practices (that they can easily apply to benefit every aspect of their lives) ...there will be a positive ripple on effect for your organisation. Investing in people’s development creates an appreciative asset. Often seen as an expense, an investment in people’s wellbeing is actually an asset. As a guide, every dollar spent on promoting wellbeing in individuals and the organisation as a whole yields a return of approximately five dollars (Rath, T. & Harter, J. (2010). The Economics of Wellbeing. Washington, DC: Gallup Press).

When you genuinely look after the health and well-being of your people, the presence, productivity and profit follow. When you teach them how to shift into their peak state of Flow, and create environments that facilitate this, performance - both mental and physical goes through the roof. When the global consultancy McKinsey did a ten-year global study of companies, they found that top executives – those called upon to solve strategically significant and complex problems - reported being up to 500% more productive in Flow. In fact, according to these same McKinsey researchers, if we could increase the time we spend in Flow by just 15-20%, overall workplace productivity would almost double.

We love designing programs “just because” for organisations...they are a great addition (or alternative) to the gym memberships, health check-up services and private health insurance subsidies offered as part of so many employee benefits packages currently.

We live in a world of continuous change and this constant change means we are required to adapt faster than ever. The demands on both our personal and professional lives can be stressful and overwhelming at times, impacting how we think and behave. Empowering ourselves through knowledge and implementation of simple practices that not only protect our brains and bodies from the impairment caused by the demands and stresses of the 21st Century, but help us to access peak states like Flow, where we feel our best and perform our best, is essential to making a life, not just a living.

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